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You don't have to be embarrassed about speaking English in professional situations. Take an 8 week group program with other business professionals. Learn the correct way to express yourself and impress your business colleagues. Most affordable option for students.

Course Outline

  • Week 1: Introducing yourself
  • Week 2: Opening a presentation
  • Week 3: Closing a presentation
  • Week 4: Asking for information about a project
  • Week 5: Discussing ideas in a meeting
  • Week 6: Negotiating a sale or a purchase
  • Week 7: Introducing a colleague or your boss
  • Week 8: Planning a business event

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Note: After paying for the course you can access links to all the classes through your Customer Panel.



Argentina, 40

As a senior member of our firm, I often need to talk to partners in the USA and other places. Jack has taught me how communicate professionally in English. I can highly recommend him to anyone in a global company. 



Poland, 55

Jack helped me to improve my confidence with speaking English. Thanks to him, I am now much better at negotiating with suppliers and customers of my busy export company.



Bulgaria, 32

Our IT company has expanded into new markets. This opened up the possibility for promotion to Project Manager. Without Jack's help I would not have had the high level English skills I needed to succeed in my new job.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will get a simple PDF report each week which explains what you did well in my class and what you need to practice more. 

We use Zoom online video communication. You will need to install the application on your notebook computer.

Yes. You will have regular homework exercises to help you learn Business English communication techniques quickly.


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Learn how to use Business English with confidence in just 10 weeks.

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