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Speaking Coach

I Can Help You Speak English with fluency and purpose

I specialize in helping business professionals who need higher level English skills to advance their careers.

All my classes include role plays which give you an opportunity to use key phrases and vocabulary that are relevant to your work situation.


I prefer to train adults who want to achieve specific goals, such as improving their presentation skills or feeling more confident during business meetings.

It makes me feel great when I hear about how my skills have helped a client to achieve success in their work environment.



Hello, I'm Lesley!

Welcome to my home page!

I live in London, United Kingdom
I am passionate about helping Finance Professionals use English in their work and professional lives.

As a qualified accountant, I understand that the work is, at times, challenging and difficult. It is stressful to communicate in English whilst remaining professional and proficient.

English is a skill and like all skills you need to work through a process to improve it.

Don't hold yourself back from improving your career, and promotions because of not improving your English skills.

I can help - we can work together to improve your English communication skills, build your confidence and feel you can express yourself.

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My Qualifications

English Level: Native Speaker
Accent: London, South East England

Experience:  2 Years as a Communication Coach. Many years working as an Accountant in London - managing a team of professionals from many different countries who were non-native speakers.

Qualifications: TEFL Certificate, Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants

Education: Bachelor of Business Degree- Accountancy- Qualified Chartered Accountant

Who do I help: I've helped hundreds of accountants, tax professionals, auditors, Finance directors and Entrepreneurs who need to speak and write in English to clients, colleagues and business partners.

Where are my students: My clients are situated throughout Europe, South America and USA. Many are based in the UK.

What courses can I offer: I have three main courses offered.

  • Presentations - online and face-to-face- lets get this nailed!
  • Communication - Meetings, emails and small talk, elevator pitch -the real language Native speakers use today
  • Job Interview confidence - CV, Resume and Job interview practise and role plays - you can achieve your dream job


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Argentina, 40

As a senior member of our firm, I often need to talk to partners in the USA and other places. Jack has taught me how communicate professionally in English. I can highly recommend him to anyone in a global company. 



Poland, 55

Jack helped me to improve my confidence with speaking English. Thanks to him, I am now much better at negotiating with suppliers and customers of my busy export company.



Bulgaria, 32

Our IT company has expanded into new markets. This opened up the possibility for promotion to Project Manager. Without Jack's help I would not have had the high level English skills I needed to succeed in my new job.

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